Riley Or Jackson: We Are One

Before we were Rileys or Jacksons, many of us were Petersons such as the three below
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O children of those slaves who came before be ye not ashamed of the past from which you have emerged. Embrace it with all of your heart, beseech your guardian Lord that He should grant you their indelible spirit..
   What ever the last name we subscribe to in the South Washington County African-American community, be it Peterson Riley or Jackson, we are one. We are of one heritage one blood, and one love of each other. Many who are either Jacksons or Rileys.
   You were first Peterson. Part of the Jackson Riley blood first blended at the turn of the twentieth century. Albeit, the Peterson name has never been included in the family gathering. The Riley name has virtually disappeared from the faily landscapewith so few male children being born to the Riley men, the Riley name has diminished greatly over the last scores.
   On Christmas day 1883, the union or Rosa Peterson and Cyphron Riley began. Rosa was the daughter of Joseph and Charlotte Peterson. Joseph was born about 1797 on a plantation in North Carolina, Charlotte on the other hand was born in South Carolina in about 1809, or 1812.
Allen Peterson was born in Florida in mid 1850s as well as Rosa. Allen died a month after his son Allen in December 1889
. By 1896, there were 8 additional Rileys. At no time since then has then more 8 Riley men alive at one time. Other than Rose and Sipp as he was called, the original eight off springs were 4 females, and four males. The females in order of birth were Charlotte, Katie, Effie, and Lena. The males were Joseph, Jessie. Oliver and Ben. In June 1903 the connections of the Jacksons began, with the union of Eugene and Charlotte. That Union was follwed by Ben and Lena, to who many Jacksons were born. Yet of the male Rileys on Ben had children 4 males 2 females. James, John, Frank and Cyrus. The females were Eunice and Mary. Today there are four known males that carry the original Rileys name. Cyrus, Kenneth, Cy, and Ben. Yet, we are of one blood, one heritage and one love for each other